Old Wooden Bridge Marina

1791 Bogie Dr, Big Pine Key, FL 33043

Phone: 305-872-2241             Email address: [email protected]

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Phone: 305-872-2241

Email: [email protected]


o We are located on Big Pine Key, at mile marker 31.

o  From the Seven Mile Bridge you turn right onto

o Key Deer Blvd, at the only traffic light on Big Pine Key.

o The road will immediately fork, you want to bear to the right onto Wilder Blvd.

o When you reach the stop sign you turn left onto South Street.

o The paved road will curve sharply to the right and become Avenue B.

o Continue on Avenue B through a residential section, there is a hump bridge

o Where the road again changes names and becomes Watson Blvd.

o We are located at Watson Blvd and Bogie Drive.

o Bogie Drive is the last road to the right on Big Pine Key before the bridge.

o If you cross the large concrete bridge connecting No Name Key you've gone too far.

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